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Abless Women’s Sequin Rhinestone Knuckle Ring Clutch Review

This little box clutch is sure to make a huge statement wherever you go. From its stylish knuckle ring handle to its timeless box shape which is covered entirely in sequins, the Sequin and Rhinestone Knuckle Ring Clutch Purse from Abless is a testament to sophistication and style. It comes with a removable chain which you can sling over your shoulder and has a rhinestone encrusted knuckle ring handle for when you just want to hold it.

This beautiful evening purse is a must have for any wardrobe. It is great for accessorizing any evening wear. The Abless Sequin and Rhinestone Clutch is a tiny evening bag so it doesn’t have room for much more than your keys, cash and or credit card and maybe a lipstick. Your cell phone might not even fit in it especially if you have one of the bigger phones like an IPhone 6 or the latest Samsung Galaxy, so be prepared to leave your phone at home or in your car or you can have your date or your girlfriend carry it for you.

Most clutches these days have really loud designs and are overly decorated or bedazzled, but not so with the Abless Sequin and Rhinestone Evening Clutch. The entire bag is sequined but in a rather tasteful way so that it compliments your outfit instead of taking all the focus away from it.

This bag will quickly become your “go to” clutch for weddings, church, funerals, and even your senior prom. It is great for any formal social event and can even be worn on an evening out with your spouse. Wear this clutch to a party with your designer jeans or to go clubbing with your friends. Hell, you can even rock this purse on the red carpet if you choose to.

The Abless Sequin and Rhinestone Knuckle Ring Evening Clutch comes in a variety of colours including Black, Gold, White, Blue, Green and Red. Each one is beautiful and sophisticated and can be easily paired with any evening wear or designer outfit.

Simple, classy and elegant without being overly loud, the tasteful Sequin and Rhinestone Evening Clutch from Abless makes a great addition to any wardrobe. Its timeless design makes it easy to pair with any outfit with the sequins and rhinestones adding the right touch of glamour.

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