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Anuschka 1043 Wallet, Karmic Koy Review

Ever walked through a museum and wished that you could take the art home with you? Well you don’t need to be an international art thief to have your own art collection and what’s more, you won’t need to pay for insurance because you’ll be able to carry your art around with you. It might sound crazy but just wait till you see the work of art that is the Anuschka 1043 Wallet.

Beautifully hand painted depicting scenes of flora and fauna, the Anuschka 1043 wallet is made from genuine leather and is secured by an adjustable snap closure to ensure that your wallet always remains closed no matter how full it is. It has a polyester interior lining, 11 credit card slots, one I.D slot, two interior zip pockets and 4 multi-function slip pockets, one behind each card compartment and one on either side of the inner zip compartment. The exterior of the wallet features a combination slip and zipper pocket.

This is probably the only wallet you will ever own that you can fit so much stuff into. It can hold all your debit, credit and loyalty cards. There are pockets for your check book, bills, receipts, cell phone, coins and paper money. You can even carry different currencies.

This beautiful hand painted leather trifold wallet is nothing short of a work of art. Made in India from 100% genuine cowhide leather, the Anuschka 1043 Wallet is hand crafted by the finest artisans using centuries old methods handed down from generation to generation.

Each wallet is hand cut from a single piece of quality leather that has been rigorously inspected by hand. The design is then sketched upon the leather and the wallet is sewn together. Each item is then hand painted using vibrant colours that will make you want to hang them up on your wall. This process is used in creating all Anuschka hand bags and wallets.

The Anuschka 1043 leather trifold wallet the epitome of functionality. Never again will you need to think carefully about what you carry with you because of limited space. This baby can hold anything you can think of and a bit more and there’s a beautiful leather handbag to match.

Built to last from soft supple leather this unique wallet is sure to become your most prized possession for its functionality, durability and style.

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