Valentino Garavani Rockstud Clutch

Back view of the Valentino Garavani Rockstud Clutch

Fashionable choices are important for many of us; after all, we want to look our best and have the best quality accessories we can afford. Most of the top fashion houses are now becoming a bit more experimental with their style so that their offerings stand out from the competition. At the … Read more

Top Prada Leather Bags

Prada Vitello Move Leather Crossbody Handbag

If you would ask fashion-forward ladies what luxury fashion brand they love more than anything, they would say “Prada.” For ages, Prada has been a huge player in fashion, as the design and superior build of their products have won women over and over. Prada was a big trend in the ‘90s, … Read more

When Nothing but a Ralph Lauren Bag Will Do

Ralph Lauren Andover Tote, Black, Medium

When you think of a casual wear brand for men and women, the first American brand that might cross your mind is Ralph Lauren. Known as the king of casual wear, Ralph Lauren has captured the hearts of many generations with his clothes and accessories. Though the brand was known for its … Read more

Which Are the Best Japanese Backpack Brands?

Randoseru Japanese backpack

If you’re looking for one type of gear that the Japanese have perfected through the years, it’s the backpack. Besides their yummy and unique snacks, collector items, lucky charms, folding fans, kitchen knives, and kimonos – make sure you buy a quality backpack to bring home when you travel to Japan. Their … Read more

How Was the Birkin Handbag Created?

A pink Birkin bag

Birkin bags are considered as the pinnacle of luxury when it comes to fashion. Several notable cultural and economic sources say that Birkin handbags are an even better investment than gold and less risky than stocks. It’s because the value of a Birkin bag increases each year. According to Invaluable, the Birkin … Read more

Don’t Get Fooled – How to Tell a Real Birkin Bag from a Fake

An Hermèsostrich Birkin bag

The “crème de la crème” of luxury handbags is the Hermès brand. You can expect top-notch craftsmanship, sophistication, exclusivity, and quality from their handbags. Hermès bags are sold at their official website and all over the world at their physical stores. Signature Hermès bags like the Birkin can go for tens and thousands … Read more

How Many Different Ainifeel Handbag Designs Are There?

Ainifeel Handbag Designs

Ainifeel is a lesser-known brand that makes beautiful handbags similar to popular designer handbags. They are made from genuine leather, sheepskin, suede, and high-quality hardware, making it a better choice than comparable handbags from H&M and Forever 21. The finish ranges from regular leather to crocodile, lizard, snakeskin, and even ostrich finish. … Read more

Where to Buy Bags When Traveling to Japan

Where to Buy Bags When Traveling to Japan

When you travel to Japan, and you got extra money for shopping, one of the worthwhile things to spend on are bags. Why? Japanese bags come with impeccable craftsmanship, and they’re some of the best in the world. The Japanese artisans are dedicated to creating works of carry art, so you can … Read more

Small Japanese Handbag Brands You’ll Want to Know

A brand leather tote bag

Japan is known around the world for its exquisite craftsmanship. Whether it’s technology, cars, or fashion – you can rely on the quality of a Japanese brand. It’s probably because the Japanese are fanatically dedicated to everything they do. They are also renowned for their bags. Many of their brands have achieved … Read more

Styles of Handbags Designed by Kate Spade

For a lot of women, an outfit will not be complete without a gorgeous designer bag. However, if the usual designer bags are a bit too stuffy or fussy for you, then maybe a Kate Spade bag is perfect for you. Kate Spade’s designer bags are fun and approachable, and they offer … Read more