Handbag Brands Collaborating with Artists

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Introduction Collaborations in the world of handbags are always anticipated, often provocative, and typically cultivate either feverish demand or cult collectability. This is because collaborations are a literal representation of the relationship between art and fashion. These iconic art-meets-fashion bag collaborations are more of a labor of love than anything else, in … Read more

The Stories and Inspirations of Iconic Handbag Brands

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Introduction One of a woman’s most prized possessions is her handbag, which she considers to be among the most valuable items in her possession. We are all aware that an iconic handbag can make the rest of your ensemble pop. Even though fashion tendencies come and go, a timeless and practical handbag … Read more

Features of the Fossil Travel Bag

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Traveling is indeed among the best things to do for most people. There are many reasons why people travel. Some are for work purposes, while others travel for leisure. But no matter what a person’s reason for traveling is, there is one thing that is essential to have, which is a travel … Read more

Different Options for Big Buddha Products

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Big Buddha is a brand started by handbag designer Jeremy Bassan in Santa Barbara, California. It is an affordable, fashion-forward brand of handbags that are designed for modern women who may use them for work, school, and other occasions. The products offered by Big Buddha are fun, stylish, eco-friendly, and reasonably priced. … Read more

Can You Find Used Fossil Purses for Sale?

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There are many different brands of purses out there, and among the popular ones is Fossil. It is a famous fashion brand under Fossil Group, Inc., an American fashion designer, and manufacturer. When you compare it to other luxury brands, this is on the lower end of the price sales compared to … Read more

History of Misela Bags

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For many women, owning a handbag is indeed essential. Aside from being used for carrying daily essentials, whether for work, school, travel, or running errands, handbags are also considered fashion accessories. They are something that completes the look of an outfit or style. With this, many are truly investing in high-quality and … Read more

Valentino Garavani Rockstud Clutch

Back view of the Valentino Garavani Rockstud Clutch

Fashionable choices are important for many of us; after all, we want to look our best and have the best quality accessories we can afford. Most of the top fashion houses are now becoming a bit more experimental with their style so that their offerings stand out from the competition. At the … Read more

Which Are the Best Japanese Backpack Brands?

Randoseru Japanese backpack

If you’re looking for one type of gear that the Japanese have perfected through the years, it’s the backpack. Besides their yummy and unique snacks, collector items, lucky charms, folding fans, kitchen knives, and kimonos – make sure you buy a quality backpack to bring home when you travel to Japan. Their … Read more

How Was the Birkin Handbag Created?

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Birkin bags are considered as the pinnacle of luxury when it comes to fashion. Several notable cultural and economic sources say that Birkin handbags are an even better investment than gold and less risky than stocks. It’s because the value of a Birkin bag increases each year. According to Invaluable, the Birkin … Read more

Don’t Get Fooled – How to Tell a Real Birkin Bag from a Fake

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The “crème de la crème” of luxury handbags is the Hermès brand. You can expect top-notch craftsmanship, sophistication, exclusivity, and quality from their handbags. Hermès bags are sold at their official website https://www.hermes.com/us/en/ and all over the world at their physical stores. Signature Hermès bags like the Birkin can go for tens and thousands … Read more