Celine Triomphe Bag Review

When Hedi Slimane joined the house of Celine, one of his first projects was the Celine Triomphe bag. It was a controversial design when it was initially introduced. It raised many eyebrows by being mini, simple, and expensive. Many people despised the design and almost led to its failure. People with the eye of fashion saw the vision of the designer. The small elongated bag with small snuggly straps has always been trendy. Its vintage style made its star of the runway and your outfits.

 Many celebrities have gotten observed wearing this Celine Triomphe bag. Celebrity influence also worked towards the fame of the Triomphe bag. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Jessica Simpson, Lara Spencer, and many more. We see a rise in the trend of stars wearing the bag from time to time. 

1. Trendy Style 

The Celine Triomphe bag is famous for its sleek and classic design. It is mini and takes us way back. This cute staple is the perfect way to amplify your outfit. Everyone should own at least one mini bag in their wardrobe as it is one of the peak trends. This snuggly bag is lightweight and easy to carry with adjustable straps. This bag is minimalistic with a smooth and shiny body. The star of this bag is the metal clutch opener with its ever so iconic emblem. It does not have designed skin or any other embellishments other than intertwined Cs that make the bag shine as a Celine staple. The flap on the bag takes us back to the 2000s. The handbag contains a little bit of every feature from every era, making it timeless. 

Bags like these never go out of style. They will always be on top of the style hierarchy. The body of the bag is timeless and vintage. The Triomphe bag will always be in the definition of the house of Celine.  

2. Size

 The most noticeable and debatable feature of this bag is its size. People love and despise this creation for its size. People have also complained about it being a struggle to store necessities and taking them out due to there being no hand space. Only having an 8 x 4 x 2 in (20 x 10 x 4 cm) structure makes the storage limited. Users can barely adjust their most needed items in this bag. A standard size smartphone almost covers all of the storage areas in the bag. You can store your credit cards, some cash, your phone, your car keys, and maybe some minuscule items that can slide through the tiny space left inside. This bag is not for practical use. If you like to carry several essential items everywhere you go, you might want to skip this purchase. 

If you love to attend nice dinners and brunches, this would be a perfect accessory to compliment your look. This bag can only be for complementary purposes to your outfit. Chic and small-sized bags are all the rage on very prestigious runways. This size and style are trendy. It seems like this trend is going nowhere anytime soon. 

3. Price

 This 2200 dollars priced Celine staple is worth it to many. Luxury goods have always been at an all-time high when it comes to price, and this handbag is no exception. This bag is worth the investment. 

Made out of fine material of calfskin along with lambskin lining can last you for generations. If it gets preserved carefully, it will still be in good condition decades down the road. Using it for so long will make it worth the heavy price. Its long-lasting luxury material values at the price that it is standing. 

Many have complained that the bag is too small and difficult for regular use. When it is not for in and out usage, why purchase it, right? Well, buying luxury goods like this bag is like an investment. Bags like these get mostly bought as collector pieces. These house staples always stay in demand. When these bags become part of history as one of the most iconic designs, collectors or investors sell them for a good profit. Use it as long as you desire, then preserve it away till someone comes along with a good balance to get that piece from your collection. 

4. Quality of Hardware

The Celine Triomphe bag stands for its impeccable hardware. Its size comparison with other bags fails one it comes down to its construction. The bag is made from calfskin. The calfskin gives the bags a soft and buttery texture. This bag is expensive because of how hard it is to get the material and its good durability. Calfskin is way more durable than leather, tougher and smoother. Your bag will not be getting starches and stains. The soft and bouncy material is easy to maintain and clean. 

This shoulder bag got lined with lambskin. The lambskin lining is just as soft as the calfskin. The straps of the handbag sit comfortably on your shoulders due to its smoothness. Lambskin needs minimal care. Immune to moisture also keeps it away from deteriorating. 

The bag got designed with a flap. Flap turnover causes creases on the material where the flap turnover. The soft fabric keeps your bag safe from creasing no matter how many times you flip it open. 

Celebrity Endorsement

BLACKPINK Lisa Manoban Reviews

Lisa in Celine shirt

One of the top fans of the house of Celine is none-other than the BLACKPINK star Lisa Manoban. Lisa has been obsessed with the Parisian aesthetic ever since she has been to the Celine menswear fashion show. She has rocked many looks using Celines designs. It is no exception that the BLACKPINK idol impressed the house of Celine with her eye-catching ensembles, making her the first official ambassador for the brand. After establishing a professional relationship with the label, she spoke to Vogue UK, mentioning that Celine is unrivaled. She praised Hedi Slimane and called him multitalented.

Lisa finds him as an inspiration. Moreover, she called it an honor to work with his first ambassador.

Lisa Manoban and her band BLACKPINK are idols to many young people. Their young audience loves to follow their every move, even fashion.

 The band is widely famous, not just for their music but also their fashion choices. Lisa Manoban is one of the idols with many young fans influenced by her. Her love for Celines designs has also resulted in the promotion and more sales for Celine. The young generation has been loving the looks Lisa has been creating. Her way of putting her ensembles together and Celines designs are a powerhouse. The world has been loving the Celine aesthetic. It is all the rage now

Bottom Line

Overall, According to the general public, it is ridiculously costly for the size that it is. But the quality and construction of the bag make it worth the purchase. The handbag will last you for a long time and still be trendy decades down. It will still be a staple in the world of fashion.

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