Custom Shirts Create a Team Spirit

When you are looking for options for jersey screen printing near me you might be surprised by how many businesses offer this service now. It is a lot easier for businesses and entrepreneurs to design and print apparel they can have staff wear as a uniform that also creates a feeling of team spirit and connection between them. You can choose to have something larger or just go with a smaller company logo, or an image that is connected to the business you run. A plate, knife and fork for a restaurant, or a poodle for a dog groomer and so on. Custom business shirts have a lot to offer.

Use them as promotion material

As well as employees feeling like a team and being proud to wear custom t-shirts you can also use them for other purposes. Hand them out as free gifts to customers. Have competitions, on-site or online, and use them as prizes. Promote and advertise your business on them, new products, new features and get people interested and excited about things with some well-chosen designs. They can catch people’s eyes, and when people wear them, they are giving you advertising and increasing awareness about your business and what you offer. There are a lot of large names, on a national and international scale who use t-shirt printing in such a way. But it is not just for the big names with the big marketing budgets. Because screen printing is so affordable you can choose custom t shirt printing near me even if you are a small family business, or recently just gotten started.

Be careful with your choice of shirts

Whether you are printing on short-sleeved t-shirts, long sleeves, jerseys, hoodies or other garments, it is important to think about the quality. People will not want to wear something poorly made of low quality. Consider your fabric choice as well as the style of clothing and what suits your location and your audience. Pay attention to details as that means anyone who owns one will be more likely to wear it repeatedly. Potentially you could get years of advertising out of each one! Make sure you have a range of sizes, that it is comfortable and that it is durable.

Know what people want

The key to getting longevity out of any jersey screen printing near me you have done is to know your audience and be innovative. Know your customers, your audience, your employees. You could even conduct competitions for them to design something, and hold surveys to find out what they prefer. They will love that you let them participate and it strengthens the relationship you have with the people who work for you and the people who use your products or service.


Even if your business is working on a low budget, having some custom t-shirt printing near me done is a cost-effective option to reward loyalty, create team spirit and advertise your business and your ideas.