Fashion trends of 2020

We live in a world where fast fashion is thriving. Trends change every week as a result of our unlimited access to social media, where the bar is set every day. It can be hard to keep up with all the trends. Especially when the fashion industry delivers new clothing items and accessories each week. This article will guide you through some of the most popular fashion trends of 2020.


Despite the year of 2020 being gloomy, as the whole world went into full lockdown as a result of Covid-19, the fashion industry and multiple influencers pushed back by introducing pastels. Pink, purple, yellow and blue pastels swarmed our timelines on social media. Not only fashion was trending on the internet in 2020, but also smart technology. Colorful outfits were especially trendy during the summer of 2020, where we for a hot minute forgot about the pandemic. Surely this trend is gonna come back this summer as well.

Small shoulder bags

This trend is very hard to miss. Especially considering the small shoulder bags are still extremely popular and are seen everywhere. Most brands created their own version of the popular 90’s shoulder bag, which really spices up the entire outfit. This kind of bag is ideal for going out, despite not a lot of ‘going out’ happened in 2020. When you go out, you do not want to be dragging a huge bag around, but a small bag only carrying your essentials such as your phone, keys and for example a lip gloss. Though these bags seem small they do actually have a lot of capacity.

Wide, loose jeans

Flared jeans, bootcut jeans, straight jeans, wide jeans. You name it. Basically any kind of jeans BUT skinny jeans were trendy in 2020. Wider jeans have a very flattering fit on all body types. If you are short or have short legs, these types of jeans will make your legs appear longer. On the other hand, skinny jeans have an amazing fit on long legs. Of course anyone can wear any type of fit they want and all jeans look great on anyone.

Knit vests

Knit vests quickly became a trend in the start of 2020. Knit vests can quickly dress up any outfit and make it look more chic. On the other hand these vests can also dress an outfit down and make it more casual. This is the reason why these knits are so practical as they fit any occasion. Under the vest you can wear a regular t-shirt or a long sleeve shirt with cool patterns and details. Especially shirts with ruffles were seen being worn under a cute knit vest.