Fawziya Bling Luxury Clutch Purse Women’s Evening Bag Review

When one thinks of the moniker “made in China”, one immediately thinks of electronics, but not so with the Chinese company Fawziya. They are the makers of luxury clutches and handbags for women. What makes Fawziya clutches special are their use of domestic grade A diamonds with a 12 cutting surface and other precious and semi-precious stones to decorate their bags.

The bags are made using soft, shiny, colorful satins and silks, decorated with gold or silver plating then covered in precious and semi-precious stones. They come in a variety of styles and colors and are made primarily for evening wear.  These bags are perfect if you want to make a statement or a lasting impression on an evening out.

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With the addition of precious and semi-precious stones, of course, the purse will be a little heavy but that is hardly a consideration when you see how this beautiful clutch will add just the right touch of bling to your outfit.

Being that it’s a clutch, it comes with the territory that these types of evening bags are a bit on the small side, so you might not have enough space to fit some of the more popular cell phones for e.g. the iPhone 6 or the latest Samsung Galaxy but again…who cares!!! These bags are Gorgeous and perfectly complement any evening wear.

With Fawziya the possibilities are endless, the purses come in every design imaginable from the traditional envelope clutch to box clutches, U shaped, heart purses, wristlet purses, hard box clutches, and party clutches. Some of their original designs include the bird purse, the flower purse, and traditional Chinese design. There is even a seashell-shaped clutch, perfect for that “under the sea” themed prom or costume party.  The colors range from the traditional black and white to gold, silver, rose gold, fuchsia, champagne, smoky yellow, the list goes on and on.

What’s a girl to do, except buy the purse first and figure out the outfit later! Fawziya evening bags are gorgeous and go with just about anything. Wear them on a first date to make a lasting impression. Wear one with your evening gown to a dinner party or to your senior prom. Hell! rock them with your designer jeans and designer shirt at your best friend’s house party, these purses are versatile and well worth the price.

Click here to purchase this handbag over at Amazon.com.