Fineplus Women’s New Fashion Lady Oil Wax Leather Clutch Wristlet Review

Fineplus is a new brand and is known for quality products with good affordable rates.


The Fineplus Women’s New Fashion Lady Oil Wax Leather Clutch Wristlets are made of oil wax leather material not of dazzling luster material. It incorporates a tassel charm, minimalist splice design. It is simply stylish, elegant and charming. Well by saying simple, don’t get that it isn’t elegant, it is equally beautiful.










Product specifications

  • Oil wax leather material
  • Measures :8.86″(L) x 5.12″ (H) Chain length:47.24 Please accept 1″-1.5″
  • Gold accessories have bright color and real resistance to abrasion
  • Closure: zipper Internal structure: A roomy interior,2 zippered pouches,2 pockets


These multifunction Fineplus Women’s New Fashion Lady Oil Wax Leather Clutch Wristlets holds your phone and all the essentials gracefully.  It is made of oil wax leather. It contains a long metal chain, a wristlet and zip closure. This wristlet hangs down your wrist with elegance and speaks of its sophistication. It easily carries all your everyday essentials like phone, some makeup, lipstick, cash, credit card, etc. Now walk freely and always be sure that you have your things in good hands. Its metal chain doesn’t fade with time and so you can hang it on your shoulder for changing the style of wearing. One can easily switch styles and adjust it according to the needs. It is a durable bag with a professional quality that reflects its style.


Their wristlets are famous among females from all walks of life. Their useful yet trendy handbags add grace and ease. One can put all her essentials in that wristlet and especially mobile phone which is difficult to carry all the time in hand.

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