How to Do Laundry in College

Entry into college defines the onset of a new life as an adult. While at college, you will acquire knowledge from various sectors. But most specifically, you will always venture into a field you have determination for. College life is just way more than being confined to learning. Once you have an organized schedule, everything will move on smoothly. Doing laundry in college is the easiest thing you can ever think of. But everything will always seem tough at the beginning. In this article, we are going to explore some of the unique tips essential in doing laundry at college. Here is a detailed guide to some of the tips by

  • Don’t let laundry overflow

More often, college life will expose us to busy schedules that force us to set all our focus on learning. As a result, we might forget that there are various other to-do tasks. As a result, we will notably see a pile-up of laundry just after some short period. A good college student should be wise enough to do laundry once per week averagely. A pile-up of laundry is an indicator of more fuss. As a student, always avoid that as it can interfere with your daily schedule.

  • Set timers

Another perfect tip for handling laundry at college is setting your timer. In most cases, untimely picking your clothes from the washing will lead to brawls where you can find your clothes handled dubiously. To get rid of all these, the setting of timers can be a perfect solution for you. This is especially when you need your clothes handled rightfully.

  • Use detergent pods.

Detergent pods are the easiest to use. All you need is to pop them in, and everything is considered done. Consider carrying some of these rather than loading yourself with gallons of detergents.

  • Understand the labels on your clothes

Not everything under your ownership should go into the dryer. It is important to properly read and understand each clothe label before putting in into the dryer. Ignoring some of these labels will automatically render your clothes useless. But there are some cases where you may fail to get the instructions right because of faded and unseen wordings. Consult Siri and have everything done.

  • Direct your investments in a laundry rack

Another essential laundry tip is to invest in a laundry rack. Is your room too small? But a laundry rack is not too large to extend beyond your small room. It saves on space as you can hang some of your necessities without worry. Get yourself one and fit it in a proper place within your room.

  • Have laundry etiquette.

You can go further and adhere to laundry etiquette rules. In most cases, you will always need to use a dryer and find out that it’s under some use. It doesn’t break any bone to wait for 5 minutes more before stuffing the dryer with your stuff. But if you have to remove someone’s stuff from the dryer, always be courteous enough to place them in a proper place such as the folding table. Furthermore, utilize the available necessities to cater to the rest who also need to use them.

  • Get yourself a laundry hamper you can carry

When you go to the market, get yourself a laundry hamper that will give you an easy time moving around with it.

  • Pre-empty your pockets before doing laundry

Mostly, it’s a thing you have done over and over. But there are times when you have to check your pockets before doing your laundry properly. Ignoring this will result in losing most of your essential stuff.


With consideration of the above tips, doing your laundry is already a deal done.  The goal of all college students is to graduate and move onto a successful career and yes even laundry is a part of it.