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Scarleton H1485 Soft Barrel Shoulder Bag Review

The Scarleton H1485 Soft Barrel Shoulder Bag is made of vegan leather, which is extremely soft to the touch. It features a removable shoulder strap and two leather handles, a fabric lining, two large interior compartments (one with a cell phone pocket and one with a zippered pocket) and two side zippered pockets big enough to hold a 12 oz bottle of water each. The front of the bag also features a zippered pocket and a double snap pocket, with another zippered pocket on the back.

This medium sized shoulder bag has ample storage which ensures that you always have exactly what you need handy. The two interior compartments are large enough so that one of them can be used for your essentials i.e. wallet, cell phone, makeup, leaving the other free to hold anything from a small umbrella to a book, a tablet, an extra pair of shoes or just about anything else you can fit in it. In addition, you have all the small pockets for your keys, sunglasses, water, power bank, charger and the list goes on and on.

The Scarleton H1485 Soft Barrel Shoulder Bag comes in six beautiful, vibrant colors namely Plum, Ash, Black, Coffee, Cognac and Mint. This is a lovely, casual, everyday bag that you can use for work, school or even church. It’s wonderful for an outing with your kids. All the little pockets are perfect for carrying snacks or an asthma inhaler or even allergy meds. This would make a great baby bag, again all the storage space in this bag makes it easy to carry all the things you need and since its so soft, the bag won’t be bulky.

Though it’s a great bag, the Scarleton H1485 Soft Barrel Shoulder Bag does have its faults. Like a great number of Scarleton’s Soft Bags, the cloth inner lining of this bag tends to get stuck in the zipper when the bag isn’t completely full. This can be a huge hassle especially in situations where you need to open your bag quickly. It also damages the inner lining, increasing wear and tear of your bag. In some instances, the color on the inner side of the bag and the shoulder straps has been known to wear off after some time.

All in all, if you are looking for a bag with lots of storage space, which isn’t an oversized tote, then the Scarleton H1485 Soft Barrel Shoulder Bag is worth a shot.

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