What Is A Purse Extender and When Would You Need To Use One

A casual purse with a leather extender

Handbags and purses have always played a significant role in shaping fashion dynamics. Women don’t just carry them to put their things inside, it’s a signal of a personal style and a unique form of self-expression. Most of the purses come with a detachable extender. A purse extender is a strap or … Read more

What Is A Clutch and When Should You Use One versus A Purse

A woman carrying a clutch from the bottom

For centuries, women have always been passionate about fashion and style. Because of the women that shaped fashion in the past, today’s woman can express herself freely through fashion. Among many of the fashion items endorsed by today’s women, ‘clutches’ are on the top. It is a women’s accessory that is specifically … Read more

The Interesting History of Victorian Purses

Victorian Era –Women in elegant gowns

The Victorian era was known as the era with classic monarchial elegance and fashion. Whether it is their plumpy gowns, or their purses and accessories, victorian style undoubtedly inherited Queen Victoria’s fashion taste. Although the elegant gowns and dresses – fitted with a corset and plumped by crinoline cages, were already a … Read more

Tips for Organizing Your Purse

Have you ever experienced constantly digging through your purse, muttering, “Where’s my phone? Where are my keys?” or “I know I brought that lip gloss, but where is it?” If this describes you, you are not alone. Most women who bring their essentials on their purses have experienced this struggle. Sometimes, the … Read more

Designer Purse Brands Any Woman Can Afford

Most women dream of owning a designer bag. However, it can be hard to justify and afford one, especially those which cost the same as a car or even a house. And when you purchase one, there might be some people who might ask you why you need to spend that much, … Read more

Best Quilted Bags

Kenneth Cole Reaction Womens Chevron Quilted Polyester Twill Laptop Backpack

Quilted designs are not just for grandmas. Today, a lot of quilted bags have a sleek and modern design ready for the street and office. The modern quilting adds a touch of glam while adding a layer of comfort for you and your belongings. You can find great quilted bags online, so … Read more

Guide to RFID Blocking Purses, Wallets and Backpacks

Guide to RFID Blocking Purses, Wallets and Backpacks

Safety is one of the most important concerns for everyone at any time and anyplace. Unfortunately, you can’t control theft, pickpockets, and hackers but you can always make safety measures to keep yourself and your belongings safe and secure. One of the safe ways to keep your belongings, money, cards, keys and … Read more

10 Best Foldover Pouches

Foldover Pouches

A foldover pouch is one of the most convenient designs for handbags. While they may vary according to capacity, their main attraction is the top flap that keeps everything secure. Moreover, the flap makes for a large canvas for embellishments and designs. There are several foldover pouches available on the market, but … Read more

25 Functional, Fun, Unusual and Strange Handbags

IJIUFF Weird Pineapples Portable Multi Function Lunch Bag Tote Bag Picnic

Do you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd at a party or on a summer trip?  Do you want your accessories to be as unique as you are? Then why choose those boring, old patterned handbags and purses? Check out these fun, strange and unusual designs we’ve searched … Read more