Guide to Handbag Closet Organizers

Whether you are a proud owner of over a hundred bags or an owner of just three handbags, every woman has encountered pretty much the same dilemma – where to put them? Most people may have a dedicated storage for their clothes or shoes. But when it comes to handbags, they may … Read more

Guide to Handbag Organizers

What happens when you arrive home late at night from work or a just-concluded fabulous soiree? You get stuck outside your front door while frantically rummaging through the contents of your handbag for the house keys. You have to shuffle through lipsticks and a sea of receipts and gum wrappers before finally … Read more

Different Materials Used to Make Handbags

different mateirals used to make handbags

Handbags come in many different shapes, colors, sizes, and styles, not to mention materials, leaving a wide array of choices for fashion-conscious women from all walks of life. Want to know the various materials that go into the making of handbags? We explore them with a bit more detail: LEATHER Leather is … Read more

Best Crossbody Bags

Kate Spade New York Southport Avenue Cora

  Crossbody bags are perhaps the best bags to bring while you travel or stroll around. The best features of crossbody bags are that it offers you different ways to wear it, like putting it around your body or slinging it just in the shoulder. These bags also have convenient pockets and … Read more

Best Crocodile Pattern Bags

JHVYF Women Claissic Top Handle Handbag Crossbody Casual Purse Satchel Tote

In the natural world, crocodiles are scary and avoided; but when it comes to fashion, they are very much welcome. A lot of designers create bags with the squarish, lizardy pattern of the croc skin. The effect is an elegant look that makes it fun to pair with unstuffy outfits or level … Read more