Tips For Ensuring Your Purse Doesn’t Get Stolen

No matter how much attentive and careful person you are, there is always a chance of been mugged. The moment you looked distracted and carefree, a thief can take advantage of it and silently peak into your purse.

Even when you are sitting with your friends or family make sure you are totally aware of your handbag and keep it close to you. An unattended bag is a thief’s dream.

It’s better to choose a comfortable bag when you are out and about. Always look confident, smart, mindful and well informed so that a crook thinks 10 times before he could do the crime .

Here are some useful tips to prevent your bag from theft

1. Always keep the zipper closed

Always keep the zipper closed

No matter how comfortable and safe the place looks, always be alert and not get lazy. If you started to act carelessly, someone will notice it and can take advantage of it. Make sure you always close the zipper whenever you take anything out of your purse.

Don’t put too much stuff inside the purse which makes it harder to close. Putting so much stuff in your purse may break the zipper and it will make it easy for the thief to steal valuables from your purse. You can also, put a small lock on the zipper if you are carrying valuables and visiting a crowded place.

2. Position the closed side of the zipper in the front

Position the closed side of the zipper in the front

Keep the closed side of the zipper in the front end while out and about. Make sure you have a short strap so that you can feel the zipper close to your hand. Put one hand on the strap and keep it close to your body. You can also use mini shoulder bags to ensure safety in crowded places.

Always keep a firm grip on your purse. Thieves out there keep an eye on you and wait for the perfect time to steal things from your bag. Never look clumsy or easy-going, it will attract the thief more. Act causally but keep your eyes and brain works effectively.

3. Attach the purse with shopping cart

Attach the purse with shopping cart

Grocery stores are the most common spot of pickpockets to swipe your bag away from your cart. While you are busy reading the ingredients, a crook can easily take out your wallet from the bag if he finds the right opportunity. Make sure your purse is zipped shut all the time.

If you want to give your shoulder a break so that you can comfortably walk around the grocery store, simply attach the bag with the shopping cart. Every cart has a built-in child safety bag that can be used to tie up the bag. You can also use a clip to attach the purse straps to the cart.

4. Keep your purse close to you 

Keep your purse close to you

While sitting in a restaurant, put your purse near to you where you can feel it or watch it easily. Do not put it on the floor, as it can be easily kicked and picked by thieves. Also, it will make your bag dirty.

Never put your bag behind you while sitting down. Anyone can easily swipe it or take out your wallet from it. Usually, tables at restaurants have hooks along with them, hang the bag on the hooks so that your purse can rest between your legs. To make it more safer, put your wallet and mobile on the table.

5. Never leave it unattended 

Never leave it unattended

To prevent theft, never leave your bag unattended with a thought that nothing will happen to it. Whether you have placed the handbag in the shopping cart or your baby stroller or you are at the beach , never leave the bag unattended for microseconds. You cannot imagine how sharp and clever these crooks are, they always look for a minor mistake of yours and take immediate action on them.

Always keep your bag on the highest priority and never allow someone to take your bag away from you.

6. Never ask anyone to look after your purse

Never ask anyone to look after your purse

Don’t ask anyone else to take care of your purse, not even your friends. It’s only you who can take good care of your valuables. No one else would know what important things you have in your bag.

It’s better to take your purse along with you so that no one else has to be worried about it. No matter how much you trust the other person, it is not appropriate to put someone else in charge of your purse.

7. Always take your purse inside the washroom 

Always take your purse inside the washroom

Don’t leave your bag unattended when you are going to the washroom. Never ask the washroom cleaning staff to hold it while you are inside the restroom. Don’t ask your child to hold your bag, anyone can easily snatch it from the kid.

Always take the purse inside the washroom and hang it with the hook given behind the door so that you could peacefully sit in the washroom.

8. Never flaunt the cash in your wallet 

Never flaunt the cash in your wallet 

It is better not to take so much cash at a public place as it could attract a thief. The safest option is to bring your bank cards and shop with them. But if you are carrying cash in your wallet, don’t take it out again and again.

Divide your cash into small amounts and put it in different places like your wallet, some secret places in your bag, in your jeans pocket or at the back of your mobile cover. It will help you to take out cash easily and it will be less noticeable rather you take out the whole bundle of cash and count the desire amount.

9. Don’t wear too much jewellery in public places.

Don’t wear too much jewellery in public places.

Avoid wearing too much jewellery at a public place, it will call for an unnecessary attention towards you. Always remember pickpockets look for such people whom they think are wealthy. Wear simple and elegant artificial jewellery if you are found of wearing it. It will reduce the chances of theft of bags too.

Buy a normal cross body bag to use in the public places for convenience and comfort. Avoid taking branded bags outside where there is so much rush and hassle.

10. Avoid sitting close to the road in an outside cafe

Avoid sitting close to the road in an outside cafe

When you visit a roadside cafe, avoid being the easiest target of the snatcher. Be vigilant and cautious before selecting a place to sit. Avoid sitting closest to the road as it would be easy for the snatcher to pick your bag your run.

Always keep your bag on your lap when you are sitting on a roadside café to avoid any snatching or theft. Still, if you get mugged at gunpoint, stay calm and composed because your life matters over anything else.

Being attentive, smart, well informed and careful can save you from the crime

Thankfully, there are some useful tips to ensure your handbag safety. Always keep your bag close to you and the zipper closed. If you find something unusual, trust your gut feeling and immediately change your position or call the police.