Tips on Jacket and Tshirt Printing

Great t-shirt and jacket designs are something people remember. With jacket printing or t-shirt printing, you can send a message, make people laugh, start a conversation, advertise your business, create a team and more! But what makes a great design? That is a pretty personal thing but there are some choices you can make to avoid common mistakes and get the best results possible. Here are some tips on printing for you to consider.

Colour choice is crucial

The colour choice is not just important because of design reasons it is also important because with certain methods of printing like screen, the more colour it requires, the more it will cost. The way you can counter that is to make a bulk order tshirt printing decision. Ordering more will make the extra cost spread out per shirt and you will not need to return so soon for more. You might also talk to the printing service about halftones, a process that uses small dots so that just several colours can look like more.

There is a science to how colours make people feel and the effect they have on people so when advertising something consider the best ones. If you choose direct to garment printing rather than screen then how many colours you use has no limit. However, going overboard in colour can confuse your design. Colours can start clashing so in general it works out that the least amount of colours you use the better.

Getting the contrast right

Contrast is closely connected to colour choice bit is important enough to consider separately. It is the amount of difference you have between the dark parts of the images and the lighter parts, or how the different shades used then work with each other. An example of a strong contrast option is black on white, or white on black. Bright colours on darker backgrounds also have high contrast.

Increasing contrast is a good way to make a design more eye-catching. But there is something to be said for something subtle and low contrast. You just do not want to go too low for jacket printing. Navy lettering on black jackets, light grey on white shirts, are examples where there is not enough contrast.

Do you need inversion?

Inversion is usually used with white ink onto black material. Skulls are a common image that needs inversion. If you are not sure about this talk to your printing service and they can help you work out the best option.

Try to avoid making things overly complex

Avoid making things overly complicated, often the adage of simplicity being the best option does hold true. People can only handle so much information in a design. A common mistake is people wanting to be creative and unique and then adding too much and things become chaotic rather than original. Using a printing service that has a design team means you can get advice and help on this matter when you have bulk order tshirt printing needs.