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Tommy Hilfiger Quilted Zip Shopper Shoulder Bag Review

Made entirely of nylon, the Tommy Hilfiger Quilted Zip Shopper Shoulder Bag features a diamond quilted design, with a zippered closure, a nylon inner lining, two plastic straps, a zippered pocket and a slip pocket on the inside and a large pocket in the front of the bag secured by a snap button.

This medium sized bag comes in a variety of colours, both plain and multi-coloured. There are plain colours like black, red, navy, etc. and multi colours like the brown multi (this resembles a leopard print), navy and pink multi (the name says it all) and pinot noir multi (a navy-blue bag with wine coloured stripes)

The Tommy Hilfiger Quilted shoulder bag is big enough to hold all your everyday essentials, make up, cell phone, keys, wallet … you name it, it can take it. You can even carry a book or a tablet in there. This makes for a great everyday bag.  The quilted design is stylish enough for the workplace, yet casual enough for a shopping expedition.

Tommy Hilfiger is a name that has been synonymous with style and functionality for decades, ever since they opened their doors in 1985. They have been at the forefront of the fashion industry, providing the world with everything from under wear to outer wear, bags, shoes, fragrances, accessories and even home furnishings. They cater to men, women and children and have collaborated with many celebrities in the music business, sponsoring their tours and even featuring them on their runways during fashion week. Their products are geared towards the 18-40 age group and are influenced by the hip hop and popular music subcultures. Their self-proclaimed style of “preppy American cool’ has made Tommy Hilfiger a household name worldwide.

The Tommy Hilfiger Quilted Zip Shopper Shoulder Bag is the perfect accessory to any casual or formal outfit. The colours are beautiful and there’s enough storage space to hold all your everyday essentials plus a tablet, or book or whatever you can’t do without.  The quilted design is not only gorgeous but classy and makes this medium tote bag very versatile. This is a great everyday bag which can be used for work, church or any casual outing.

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