Top 4 Reasons for You to Start a Wholesale Leather Handbag Business

Handbags always act as perfect accessories as well as the symbol of temperament for many women. No matter to be a gift for your love or your mother, a fashionable and functional leather handbag is a choice that hard to reject. Given the high popularity of handbags on the market today, starting a wholesale handbags business seems to be a good investment.

This post will start from leather bags, which are the most typical type, and cover four reasons to start a wholesale leather handbags business.


When choosing handbags, the most important consideration for a customer is the material made of it for the reason that the type of material determines the carrying capacity of the handbag in normal use and long-term load. Leather is the first to choose for most wholesale leather handbags suppliers as the most wear-resistant and super durable materials, which is actually one of the most widely used materials in handbags.

Compared with other synthetic handbags, leather handbags have some of the most accurate and robust processes that prolong the service life of leather handbags than handbags made of other materials. In particular, the bottom and belt of leather handbags are stronger than other bags, which means they can be used to carry heavier items. It is not unreasonable that leather bags are more popular with consumers.

Increased aesthetics and flexibility over time

Increased aesthetics and flexibility over time

When buying a handbag, customers consider its appearance as well as its bearing capacity. Compared with other materials, leather handbags are slightly better in appearance. Many common materials used to make handbags may break, tear, or wear spots due to long-term use, which may damage the appearance and function of bags. However, one of the proudest things about leather is that its luster and flexibility actually increase over time, and will eventually show a retro flavor due to the use of time, making it more attractive.

Leather handbags have always been a classic single that leads the fashion trend, which is why more and more leather handbag manufacturers have entered this field in recent years.

Valued long-term investment

Although the price of leather handbags is high, it is a high-quality long-term investment for many rational and visionary consumers to buy leather handbags. Because when you start to choose a better bag, you are unlikely to need to repair or maintain the leather handbag for continued use due to the various excellent characteristics of the leather. It’s not only a high-quality long-term investment for consumers, but also for leather handbags suppliers. Since leather is durable, waterproof, and increased aesthetics and flexibility over time, leather handbags can be stored for a long time without worrying about the absence of inquiry; after all, it is an eternal classic.

Environment friendly

Environmental issues have become a global concern. Many rational consumers, when shopping, will take the impact of products on the environment into account. As a kind of natural material, Leather is different from other synthetic products used in bag making. Its production process will not pollute the environment as much as the production of synthetic or artificial bags with more chemicals.

Besides, since the life of leather handbags is much longer than that of synthetic leather handbags, choosing leather handbags can potentially reduce the waste caused by the bags that have to be discarded from weaker materials. Therefore, leather is a sustainable choice for those who want to start a wholesale leather handbag business.

Where to start a wholesale leather handbags business?

Where to start a wholesale leather handbags business

After knowing the benefits of starting a wholesale leather handbags business, you will wonder where you can get a high-quality resource of leather handbags. Recently, there is a platform – made-in-huadu gaining the attention of the global market.

Huadu, located in Guangzhou, China, is the capital of leather goods in China. After more than 40 years of development in leather manufacturing, Huadu has established China’s largest raw material distribution market, leather products exhibition center, and industrial park. Made-in-huadu is an e-commerce platform supported by Huadu government, and many high-quality leather goods manufacturers have settled in. Made-in-haudu aims to provide customers from all over the world with information about wholesale leather bag manufacturers and OEM / ODM services!

Whether you want to wholesale leather handbags as a dealer or settle in the made-in-huadu platform, they welcome such a valuable cooperation opportunity.