What Items are not allowed on a Place in Hand Luggage?

If you have made a journey by place before, you already know the rules. But for the beginners, it can be complicated to pack their bags and not take the prohibited stuff as they never knew it was prohibited. More than in our hold luggage, we take unnecessary stuff in our hand luggage for an easier voyage.

But trust us; this only makes the voyage difficult. The best deal is to make a list of what you are carrying and then check for what items are not allowed on a plane in hand luggage. Then, get out the things you not allowed!

For your convenience, we have made a list of the items that you cannot take in your hand bag. Check it out and make the journey easy!

Prohibited Items to carry in Hand Luggage in Plane

There are some specific items that are especially not allowed in your hand luggage. Have a look and reduce the number of items that is weighing the luggage down!

  • Toys/ Replica Guns (this includes the water pistols too)
  • Darts
  • Tools
  • Sport bats, cues or clubs
  • Slingshots/ Catapults
  • Knives or Scissors (in this case, if the blade is sharp and pointed and if it is 6 cm or longer, you cannot carry it. However, if you are carrying scissors with blunt ends, they areĀ allowed in a carry on)
  • Potential Weapons (any item that can use used for hurting people by using it as a potential weapon is now allowed in the handbag)
  • Razor blades (the razors that have blades added to the plastic moulding are allowed)
  • Hypodermic Syringes (sometimes, you might need it for your medical reasons. In such situations, it is permitted to carry)

Prohibited Items in Aircraft

There are also some items that you cannot carry in the aircraft, no matter in your carry-on bag or the luggage. Let us know what items are not allowed on a plane in hand luggage or hold luggage both so that you can be safe for the road.

  • Acids
  • Party Poppers
  • Compressed Gas
  • Compressed Air
  • Explosives
  • Poisons
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Ignitable Gas Device
  • Bleach
  • Incapacitating sprays
  • Lighters or Matches (however, you can carry it on your person)
  1. You cannot carry any cigarette in your hand bag. Not only cigarette, but also carrying any tobacco items is illegal in the plane. As we said, you cannot carry the lighter too. But carrying the lighter on board the aircraft is legal. In that case, you have to keep it on your person in the whole journey.
  1. While carrying batteries, make sure that you are not carrying more than two. Also, these should be protected from all sorts of short circuit. If the battery is of Lithium ion, do not exceed 160 Wh.
  1. If you are carrying any sort of medicine, insulin, pumps or Epipens, don’t forget to keep the medical certification with it. Otherwise, you are not allowed to carry them.

Only for Hold Luggage

As there are rules for the hand luggage, there are rules for the hold luggage too. In some situations, some products are only allowed for the hold luggage. As a result, you are not allowed to carry them inside the hand luggage.

Also, you cannot carry them in person when you get inside the area. Here is the list of things that you cannot carry in your hand bag but you can get them packed in your hold luggage.

  • Liquids, gels, pastes or any creams are that is over 100ml
  • Hypodermic needles (if you need them for medical reasons, keep the certification with it too)
  • Hiking or Walking poles
  • Snooker, pool Cues or Billiard
  • Knives that includes blades (any length)
  • Multi-tools or penknives

Weight of the Hand Luggage

The weight of the hand luggage is as necessary as the hold luggage weight. No matter how hard it is, try to carry your items less than the weight limit of provided by the plane rules. As you are traveling, you will surely shop there and this can make your luggage heavier! Keep the weight as low as possible and the rest will work automatically.

Cross Verification

We included this part because the rules of different airlines may vary. The above-mentioned items are the basic items that you cannot carry in your hand luggage. But the airline you are selecting might have some other elements or rules added to the basics. In that case, you have to check it out beforehand so that you can avoid bearing forbidden items.

Wrap Up

It is quite complicated to carry some prohibited elements and then getting them out of your bag while traveling. So, we recommend you to read and re-read the list before you start your packing. In this way, you can avoid the unnecessary complications during a trip.

Don’t forget to take a look at our blog for your travel tips. No matter where you are traveling, some little tips will help you have a better tour, isn’t it?