Features of the Fossil Travel Bag

a leather duffle bag

Traveling is indeed among the best things to do for most people. There are many reasons why people travel. Some are for work purposes, while others travel for leisure. But no matter what a person’s reason for traveling is, there is one thing that is essential to have, which is a travel … Read more

Different Options for Big Buddha Products

a red, textured leather handbag

Big Buddha is a brand started by handbag designer Jeremy Bassan in Santa Barbara, California. It is an affordable, fashion-forward brand of handbags that are designed for modern women who may use them for work, school, and other occasions. The products offered by Big Buddha are fun, stylish, eco-friendly, and reasonably priced. … Read more

Can You Find Used Fossil Purses for Sale?

person shopping online

There are many different brands of purses out there, and among the popular ones is Fossil. It is a famous fashion brand under Fossil Group, Inc., an American fashion designer, and manufacturer. When you compare it to other luxury brands, this is on the lower end of the price sales compared to … Read more

Why Carry a Purse When You Can Carry a Wristlet?

a brown wristlet

When going out, one of the things that women can’t forget is their bag. There are many different types and sizes of bags that you can use. Some are into using handbags, cross-body bags, and backpacks. However, for some, it is quite a task to always carry around a purse, especially when … Read more

Unusual Materials Used to Make a Purse

person holding a mesh purse in front of plastic bottles

When it comes to purses, there are many options out there. Purses come in different shapes, designs, colors, and brands. They are also made using various materials. There are people who are conscious about the materials used in the products that they are buying, particularly those who are searching for eco-friendly items. … Read more

Unusual Tote Bags for Every Day

person carrying a stylish tote bag

Carrying mini bags is indeed cute and gorgeous. However, those bags are unable to carry everything you need, especially when you are going to work or school. For those who usually bring lots of things daily, a large and sturdy tote bag is one of the best choices. It is a practical … Read more

Purse Materials – Which Materials Are Favored for Purses

a beautiful leather purse

When buying a purse, there are many things that people look into. These may include size, color, shape, and material. Among these, thinking about the material is one of the most important. Picking fabric for a purse is always a careful balance between function and form. You also need to think about … Read more

History of Misela Bags

woman holding a bag

For many women, owning a handbag is indeed essential. Aside from being used for carrying daily essentials, whether for work, school, travel, or running errands, handbags are also considered fashion accessories. They are something that completes the look of an outfit or style. With this, many are truly investing in high-quality and … Read more

Benefits of Using a Purse vs. a Wallet

a wallet inside a purse

When it comes to carrying personal belongings, people have found different means to do it, and one of the most popular is by using bags. But as the years pass, this method of convenience has transformed into a fashion statement too. There are many different types of bags out there that people … Read more

History of Backpacks

woman wearing a gray backpack

Backpacks are among the most popular types of bags for many people. They are a staple for working professionals, hikers, travelers, and students. There are many different styles and brands of backpacks available today, just like the Jins & Vico backpack. The idea of strapping your gear or carrying things on your … Read more