History of Misela Bags

For many women, owning a handbag is indeed essential. Aside from being used for carrying daily essentials, whether for work, school, travel, or running errands, handbags are also considered fashion accessories. They are something that completes the look of an outfit or style. With this, many are truly investing in high-quality and beautiful bags that can match no matter what clothes they wear and for every occasion that they attend. 

When you search for bags, there are many brands out there to choose from. Some are luxurious brands, while others are local brands. Among the many different brands of bags in the world, one of the interesting ones we discovered is Misela. It is a Turkish luxury brand that offers stunning bags that are made from various materials, such as leather, silkscreen foil printed canvas, and more. If you are interested in learning more about it, read on as we’re giving you the history of Misela Bags.

The Story Behind Misela Bags’ Creation

the pattern where Misela bag designs are inspired from

Serra Turker, who was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, was always captivated by the concept of color, particularly with how to combine them in harmony. She started as a painter and moved to New York to study at the Rhode Island School of Design. She mostly worked with textiles. It was also here where she fell in love with the creation of accessories, which led her to decide on the spot to turn her background in fashion into her own brand. After that, the brand Misela was born.

Misela was founded in 2008 after Serra Turker mastered her textile design skills through the exploration of her cultural heritage. She made a unique world of accessories that blends the taste of the West with the feel of the East. She draws inspiration from the pattern Cintamani. The brand has adopted the motif as a key part of its brand identity and design philosophy. 

In ancient cultures, Cintamani represents the eye of reason, the eye of the heart, and the eye of the tiger. Being inspired by the pattern, Misela makes modern talismans of feminine energy, power, and strength. Misela is an eclectic brand that is popular for its bold prints and color combinations. It is inspired by the global woman who values timeless designs that accompany her through her journey. 

The name of the brand is an acronym of the name of the designer and creative director Serra Turker and her sisters, which are Mina and Lara. Misela women around the world represent the qualities of authenticity, strength, and independence, along with friends and family that support each other and lift one another higher.

Misela is a brand that appeals to women in pursuit of modern and timeless designs that are playful and unique at the same time. Two years after the brand was established in New York, Turker opened a small workshop in Istanbul. That is where she harnessed traditional Turkish artisanal talent and resources. 

In 2012, the very first Misela store in Pera, Istanbul, was opened. Shortly after that, the Made to Order collection of Misela, which featured the iconic herringbone monogram pattern by Turker, debuted and has since become a collector’s item. Following an expansion period starting with Palmarina Boutique in Bodrum, Turkey, the brand launched the Mayfair Boutique in 2019 in London. This marked the 11th year anniversary of the brand. 

Misela’s Design Philosophy

Some of the things that give a very powerful artistic code are pattern, form, and regulation. Based on legends, these things have an internal and external impact. As mentioned earlier, Misela drew inspiration from the ancient guide called Cintamani. The motif was adopted by the brand as a key part of its identity, as well as its philosophy. Imprinted on each Misela bag, women carry their own personal talismans with them all the time, which results in renewed energy and strength. 

Cintamani, in Eastern culture, pertains to the eye of reason and the eye of the heart. In Ottoman culture, on the other hand, the pattern featured on the garments of the Imperial Family was employed as a reference to the eye of the tiger, which is a symbol of vitality and power. Misela shows its respect for tradition, history, and evolution by taking on this exacting pattern. In conclusion, we can say that Misela bags are modern amulets of power, strength, and feminine energy. 

Best Misela Bags

woman carrying a handbag

Misela is truly a high-quality and luxurious brand that is unique. It offers many different bag designs and styles, and here are some of the best and most popular ones:

Vera at Broadway

This bag has rich winter colorways, and it offers a blend of luxurious versatility. It has an embossed leather fold-over top that adds a well-crafted touch to any outfit that you wear. You can layer it over your cozy outerwear for an elevated hands-free style. You can choose between mini or maxi with its four size options. 

Carolina at Belgravia

This bag is reworked in soft shearling. It creates a cozy but luxurious touch, which is perfect for the colder months. The bag comes in two sizes and as well as a detachable strap. It is a timeless style statement that is hard and soft and sleek and chic.

Serena at Sahara

This is one of Misela’s classics. It is made from luxurious pebbled leather to make sure that it has the perfect shape. But it is only available in the Sahara pattern. You can carry this bag in your hand or wear the smaller size as a cross-body bag. It also has a detachable separator pouch inside to keep your belongings organized.


Misela is quite a new brand when it comes to luxury bags. But we can say that the designs and quality it offers can be compared to the classic brands that we know. It is also great to see that the brand is inspired by traditional designs and cultures. Therefore, if you are searching for a new luxury bag to buy that will add style and color to your outfit, you should try Misela. We hope this post helped you learn more about the history of Misela bags.