Materials Used to Make Handbags

When you go to the mall or visit online shopping websites, you will find lots of different bags available. There are almost infinite options of bags that you can use depending on your needs and taste. But no matter your purpose is, you must know what the bag your purchasing is made of. More than its design and functionality, it should serve your purpose based on its materials. 

Handbags are made of different materials, and sometimes, it’s quite challenging to decide which one to buy that can satisfy your needs. That’s why today, we are going to give you some of the materials used in making handbags. 

Common Materials Used to Make Handbags

Here are some of the most common materials used to make handbags.

  • Leather

Leather is one of the most common materials used in making handbags and also the oldest. They are usually used for designer labels and luxury handbags. This material can be cut and shaped easily and can be designed in a lot of ways. If you’re looking for a durable handbag, choose one that is made of leather. 

Aside from durability, leather handbags are also elegant-looking and are best used in social events. This is the reason why leather is one of the most favorite materials of many fashion enthusiasts. The only concern that many people have on leather material is the price. It’s because it is by far the most expensive handbag material, especially when the leather material comes from exotic animals. Ordinary leather is quite costly as well because of the process of making it, which is very detailed and takes lots of efforts.

  • Fabric

There are also lots of handbags that are made of fabric, and this type of material has several classes as well. One of the most popular kinds of fabric used in making handbags is cotton. Many people like cotton handbags because they are soft and can be folded when not in use. 

Handbags that are made of fabric are not designed for fashion purposes. However, there are still some that are designed beautifully, and you would not notice that they are made of less expensive materials. Fabric handbags are easy to make, and they can be used every day. It does not require any special equipment or complicated procedure to be able to create one. Handbags made of fabric are also easy to clean. In fact, most of them can be washed just like how you wash your clothes.  

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is another type of material being used to make handbags. When you give it a glance, you might mistake it with leather. But when you look at it closely, you will notice that it is somewhat made of rubberized plastic. 

Vinyl handbags are common, and many people use them. They are among the most commercialized bags between all the other materials. They are also convenient to use, especially during rainy days because they are waterproof. Aside from that, vinyl handbags can look very similar to expensive leather handbags as well and can be really stylish. 

  • Rubber

Some handbags are made of rubber material. This material is also commonly used in making luxury handbags. But unlike leather, rubber is much easier to find and is less expensive. It’s just that the process of making handbags with this material is quite tricky. 

Also, not all types of rubber can be used in making handbags. It just means that the quality of rubber and the perfection applied in using it are what make rubber bags the choice of many companies that creates designer labels. 

  • Polypropylene

Handbags that are made of polypropylene material are usually used as eco-bags or shopping bags, as they are handy and reusable. They are more convenient to bring and use compared to paper bags, and as well as plastic bags which are now being forbidden to be used in many countries. 

Other Materials Used to Make Handbags

Aside from the common materials used to make handbags, there are also other materials that they can be made of. Here are some of them.

  • Denim

Denim is initially used in making jeans and jackets. However, it is also quite popular today with handbags. Denim creates a stone-washed effect, that is why lots of designers like to use them in making handbags. 

  • Straw

One of the oldest materials used in making bags is straw. This is commonly used today in making beach handbags and as well as tote bags. This material can be woven into a beautiful handbag. Straw handbags are very durable, can give you a timeless look, and is also very easy to clean. 

  • Mesh

There are also handbags that are made of mesh fabric, which is nylon or polyester. Mesh handbags are usually lightweight and thin, but are very durable as well. 

  • Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is also another material used to make handbags. It is not real leather but instead made from plastic. It is cheaper to produce handbags with this material, but they can still look great. This is the reason why there are great-looking, leather-like handbags today whose prices range from low to medium. 

These are some of the materials used to make handbags. When choosing what handbag to buy, it is very important to consider its material. It’s because you need to know if the material of the bag you will be buying will cater to your needs and wants.