Top hands-on things to have in a student’s bag every day

Summer is a good time, but unfortunately, it does not last forever, which means that we must not forget about studies. The conclusion is that it is time to set the contents of the bags in order to be locked and loaded, as they say. People are interested in what is in a student’s bag for a while. But no one dares to look into it, because any person will get mad if someone looks into his bag without asking permission, even if there is nothing but notebooks, pens and a mobile phone.

As they say, all that is mine with me all the time. A true fighter on the educational front must always be ready for any situation at college and beyond. Every student`s bag is a separate world. Each bag`s owner is an individuality. Every other thing in the bag is of particular importance. No special service is required to be hired to find out students` top hands-on things. Just keep on reading.

After further interviews, we found out that there are surprisingly a lot of things modern students carry in their bags these days to serve as the basic assistance. Those really are the things for all occasions.

Hands-on things and academic services list

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Here is a list of those academic things that everyone has:

  • notebooks (or a block for those who do not like to carry a bunch of notebooks); different ideas may come to mind, you must always have it with you, where to write them down so that they do not disappear. Yet draw from time to time, play battleship. And of course, make notes during lectures.
  • textbooks;
  • pens (a few); there is no use in notebooks if no pens;
  • pencils;
  • mobile phone; even if there is no one to call (which can`t be true), then you can play at a boring lecture, or go online for news.
  • walkman (and someone has 2 in 1: a walkman and a phone);
  • the keys;
  • some kind of identity document (be it a student ID or passport);
  • wallet;
  • beauty bag (this is really a necessary thing, it has everything and for all of life’s emergencies, because anything can happen).                                                  

Some turned out to be more caring and in their handbags apart from a written essay you can find:

  • spare battery for phone;
  • laptop;
  • powerbank;
  • flash drive;
  • tissues;
  • condoms and lubricant;
  • cigarettes or iqos;
  • bubble gum;
  • utility knife, which is a can-opener, a corkscrew and a nail file;
  • writing-pad;
  • cheat notes;
  • passport (anything can happen in life, maybe they will be sent somewhere all of a sudden);
  • spare headphones for the walkman;
  • dictionary of some foreign language;
  • magazine or book (and someone has both); you can read a good book on the way to college or while waiting and in difficult times it will help out as a stand, as a seat, etc.;
  • comb and mirror;
  • perfume;
  • any pills (whether for headache or stomach pain, and sometimes both);
  • something to eat (some mind spending, and some do not want to waste their time standing in line);
  • old notes (they do not know why they keep them).                                             

Looking at this list, you think you need a huge bag for all that? You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that it all fits into a normal college student’s bag. So make notes and be careful when you pack up your bag for study it is best to do it in the evening). Check it before you go to bed, so that later you do not bother anyone with a question: “do you have a spare pen/pencil/piece of paper?”

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