Unusual Tote Bags for Every Day

Carrying mini bags is indeed cute and gorgeous. However, those bags are unable to carry everything you need, especially when you are going to work or school. For those who usually bring lots of things daily, a large and sturdy tote bag is one of the best choices. It is a practical choice, and we believe that everyone should have at least one solid tote bag in their handbag collection. A tote bag is perfect for the effortless boss lady style, as well as for those who need a versatile bag for everyday life. 

Tote bags have become popular these days, and many different styles and designs are being released on the market. If you are one of those who are tired of the old and boring look of plain tote bags, you might want to change your style and opt for more stylish ones. There are lots of tote bags today that offer unique designs that can truly help you become more fashionable and showcase your personality. To help you choose, here’s a list of unusual tote bags for everyday use. 

1. Building Block’s SSENSE-Exclusive PVC Tote

This is indeed an unusual but fashionable tote bag that is perfect for a day at the beach. It is a transparent tote bag that was introduced in Building Block’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection. It is made from clear vinyl material and has the brand’s logo embossed in the middle. Inside the bag, there is a buffered leather pouch with a zip closure at the top where you can keep small items like cosmetics and shades. The standout feature of this tote bag is the cut-out, which shows a leather trim on the front. This is a good choice if you want a unique and waterproof tote bag that you can use every day. 

2. Hayward Venetian Leopard Brocade

If you are searching for an unusual but fashionable tote bag that can help carry your essential items daily, the Hayward Venetian Leopard Brocade tote bag is perfect for you. The bag features a dipped open top and a suede interior material. Its leopard print will surely make your outfit look more stunning when you carry it as you walk along the streets going to work or school. In addition to this, Hayward offers many other unusual tote bags, such as the Furry Mohair tote bag. 

3. Tory Burch Piper Gingham Small Square Tote Bag

If you are searching for a classic-looking tote bag that can match your office attire or uniform, this is a good choice. This tote bag features a green and white checkered pattern with the Tory Burch logo at the center. It comes with thick straps that will not rub or slide on your shoulders. The bag is lightweight, and it is strong enough to carry your gadgets, such as tablets and laptops, along with other daily essentials. 

4. Wow Heritage French Basket Bag

The French Basket Bag is one of the best examples when it comes to unusual tote bags. Unlike most tote bags that are made of canvas and other fabric materials, this one is made of straw that is woven together. It is a perfect tote back to carry to the beach, but it is also great to use every day, especially when you go shopping. If you are looking into taking an unconventional route, this tote bag is too cute to pass up. It is also very easy to match with any outfit, and it is surely strong enough to handle the things that you carry on a daily basis. 

5. MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote

This is another unusual tote bag that looks really cool. You can actually squish and roll this bag is it is made from versatile, lightweight floral-printed, diamond-quilted nylon. This means that it will never lose its shape. It has lots of pockets and features a removable zip-top pouch. It also has top carry handles, one card slot, a key clip, and smartphone pockets. It is the perfect tote bag that can carry your everyday things no matter where you need to go. 

6. The Large Osa Tote by Khaite

woman carrying tote bags

If you are searching for a really big tote bag where you can fit all the things that you need for the day, this is the one unusual bag that you need. This bag is made using unlined calfskin, making it lightweight even though it is big. It features a round base that imparts stability when it is placed on a flat surface, preventing it from leaning forward or backward. It also comes with a removable zipper pouch that is tethered to the interior, which keeps your essentials close at hand. This bag is available in black leather, navy suede, and caramel leather. 

7. Morela Tote Bag by Bottletop

If you are searching for a unique tote bag that is made out of sustainable materials, this is perfect for you. The body of this tote bag is made of recycled metal tabs, making it look shiny and, indeed, stylish. For days that you need to bring lots of things, this bag is the best choice. It is really handy for everyday use due to its spacious proportions. It can comfortably fit books, a laptop, a water bottle, and even an extra pair of shoes. It features an internal pocket with a zip closure where you can place your phone, card, or keys. The other parts of the bag are hand-crocheted, which makes it really special. 

8. Rincon Tote

This unusual tote bag is made from heavy canvas fabric, making it really durable for everyday use. It has a spacious interior that can hold your laptop securely, and it features exterior straps that you can use to fasten your sweater, scarf, or umbrella. These things make this tote bag the best one, especially for your daily commute going to work or school. This tote bag is inspired by a backpack. It is the perfect balance of sophisticated, luxurious leather and durable, adventure-ready canvas.

9. Claire V. Simple Bag

With this tote bag, you can definitely walk on the wild side. It is a roomy bag that is animal printed. You have the option to carry it using the top handles or wear it cross-body style. This is a very fashionable tote bag that will surely make your everyday style look more sophisticated. Aside from the animal print design, there are seven more prints and textures to choose from. 

10. Loewe Hammock Leather and Suede Tote Bag

This is a dream work bag that features plenty of space and an eye-catching design. It has a unique shape that looks really interesting but fashionable, too. It has a camel suede material bound with leather and topped with black handles. It also comes with a shoulder strap and useful exterior zippered pockets where you can put cards and other essential items that should be easy to reach. It is durable and can surely keep all your daily items safe. 

These are some of the unusual tote bags for everyday use that we found. All of these bags are strong enough to keep your belongings safe every day. In addition to that, they are all very fashionable and unique. People will surely admire these tote bags when you carry them to work, school, or wherever you need to be every day.