Small Japanese Handbag Brands You’ll Want to Know

Japan is known around the world for its exquisite craftsmanship. Whether it’s technology, cars, or fashion – you can rely on the quality of a Japanese brand. It’s probably because the Japanese are fanatically dedicated to everything they do.

They are also renowned for their bags. Many of their brands have achieved international acclaim, like Anello, Porter, and MSPC. But there are a lot of smaller brands doing great things locally. The thing is, as modern as Japan is, it can be insulated enough to keep all its best things locked inside. Most manufacturers have a limited web presence. So when you own a Japanese handbag with a unique brand, chances are you’ll have something no one else has.

Discover some of the best small Japanese brands you’ll want to know:

1. ace.japan 

This middle-to-upper tier Japanese bag manufacturer offers a winning combination of affordability and construction. It offers three major labels: for travel bags, ace.gene for business bags, and ace.1940 for its front packs (like a backpack but worn on the front).

It covers a full range of suitcases, briefcases, backpacks, totes, and front packs that are sleek and stylish enough for a modern, sophisticated style. However, most stocks can only be accessed in person through their many branches around Japan.

2. Hergopōch 

Hergopōch leather is one of the most exceptional ones from lesser-known brands in Japan. It offers a pure, minimalistic design that will surely elevate your outfit. The brand sells briefcases, ladies’ leather totes, purses, sling bags, fanny packs, wallets, phone pouches, and many more.

The thing about this Hergopōch is it’s expensive. Their bags are exactly the type of gifts you give to someone on a special occasion. While it’s typical to see bags in the US that range around $400-600 – at this price point, it’s possible to spend twice or thrice the price for the same quality that this Japanese brand can deliver. So, in other words, though it can be pricey, it’s still a “deal.”

3. Tikishiki 

Tikishiki handbags are the product when Hawaii fabrics meet traditional Japanese design with a modern edge. The bags are influenced by the furoshiki, a Japanese wrapping cloth that dates back to the 17th century.

The bags offer a different kind of design that surely looks unique. It adds an artistic and fashion-forward effect to your everyday look. Their handbags are also great to use for travel and special occasions due to their one-of-a-kind design.

4. Antonym Craftsman Design 

Antonym Craftsman Design is a Tokyo-based brand that offers bags with exceptional craftsmanship. Their brand is committed to superior technique and skills that is reflected in the quality and attention to detail in their products. The brand offers a wide range of backpacks, fanny packs, shoulder bags, organizer bags, tote bags, and more.

Their bags are simple and functional, featuring the trademark triangular logo. Their products are built to last and will serve you for a long.


Back then, authentic messenger bags were not on sale in Japan yet. Messengers had to import bags from overseas, but these bags needed repeated repair due to constant wear and tear. RESISTANT started as a business that repairs messenger gear and customizes it along the way.

Eventually, they developed and manufactured bags on their own, and the brand was established. Now, it has grown into a brand that sells all-weather gear so you can have a durable gear to rely on.

6. Southern Field Industries 

Southern Field Industries sounds like a mining or a farming company, but they’re an exquisite fashion brand. They offer beautifully-handcrafted and understated backpacks, shoulder bags, totes, wallets, and weekenders specially made in their studio in Saitama.

The brand uses materials like Japanese heavy-weight waxed cotton canvas and Japanese vegetable-tanned leather. Their well-crafted, quality goods are built to last as you age. The brand introduced its offerings to the American market, encouraging them to focus on carry-ons in fuss-free, durable, and practical designs.


WERKS is a fashion brand that creates gear for urban and outdoor lifestyle. Their bags combine durable materials, lightweight functionality, outdoor-inspired comfort, with a little personality.

The brand offers different kinds of backpacks, bucket bags, dry bags, pouches, and even tube holders to support various active lifestyles. Whether you’re biking, hiking, exploring the city, or taking on an adventure in the wilderness, their range of products keeps on going strong.

8. Nruc 

Nruc offers outdoor-inspired pouches, shoulder bags, and backpacks with an enticing mix of technical design, vintage silhouettes, and a touch of whimsy.

The brand creates products that are versatile and built to perform but still give off an element of fun for good measure.