Where to Buy Bags When Traveling to Japan

When you travel to Japan, and you got extra money for shopping, one of the worthwhile things to spend on are bags. Why? Japanese bags come with impeccable craftsmanship, and they’re some of the best in the world. The Japanese artisans are dedicated to creating works of carry art, so you can expect top-notch quality in their bags. Most offer beautifully minimalist designs with controlled flair, balanced with functionality. Their bags also reflect how vibrant Japan’s street style is.

Here’s a guide on where you can buy high-quality bags when traveling to Japan:

Tsuchiya Kaban

Wondering what bag to buy in Japan? Choose leather – the Japanese make long-lasting, authentic leather bags that can last for a lifetime. Tsuchiya Kaban is one of the country’s best-known leather bag makers, which started making leather bags in Tokyo in 1965. It started out as a maker of randoseru, the traditional bags that elementary students in Japan carry. Today, it also produces comfortable and durable bags for adults as well. Tsuchiya Kaban chooses high-quality leather and creates each bag by hand to ensure a certain level of sturdiness and offer a timeless design.

When in Tokyo, visit their main branch to see their offerings.

Visit: Nishiarai Main Branch

7-15-5 Nishiarai, Adachi-ku, Tokyo


If you are particular about customer service, Kitamura will not disappoint. The company’s goal is to make their customers happy, so they create high-quality products and provide excellent service, including aftercare, helping customers maintain their bags, and repairing broken goods. Their variety of items, including bags, shoes, accessories, and clothing, come with a lifetime warranty.

In Tokyo, they have a store in Shinjuku, but they also have other branches in department stores like Daimaru Tokyo and Mitsukoshi in Ginza and Nihombashi, which are both directly connected to the Tokyo station.

Visit: Kitamura Shinjuku Odakyu Shop

Odakyu Department Shinjuku Main Store Main Bldg. 3F, 1-1-3 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


Herz specializes in leather bags and small goods. They offer classic-looking bags in a wide variety of shapes and designs, including those with simple designs that look trendy, as well as genuine leather versions of camera bags and nylon body bags commonly worn as streetwear. Once you browse their shop, you will come across bags that will make you say, “I wanted a bag exactly like this!”

They have a branch in Shibuya City, Tokyo. 

Visit: Herz Shibuya Shop

150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 5 Chome-46-16 Il Centro Sereno, B1F

Inujirushi Kaban 

Established in 1953, Inujirushi Kaban is known for its rugged canvas bags, but they originally became known for making bicycle bags. Their products are handmade and universally appreciated for its quality. Their trademark is a rescue dog that stands close to a bag, symbolizing rescue dogs in the Alps that carry tiny casks around their necks to save lives. It reflects the brand’s commitment to creating bags that adequately protects your belongings. They offer a huge range of bags available, including tote bags, backpacks, bicycle bags, shoulder bags, briefcases, work bags, and camera bags.

Their annexed workshop is where the craftspeople give their excellent work.

Visit: Inujirushi Kaban Asakusa 2-chome Branch

Fujita Bldg. 2F, 2-1-16 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Yoshida & Co. Ltd

Yoshida is a bag maker established in 1935, following the founder’s motto of putting their heart and soul into every stitch. The brand pays special attention to choosing materials, sewing, creating the design, and everyone else. They hire craftspeople with great skills and plenty of confidence in their work, so you can be assured that every bag you buy is skillfully handmade.

KURA CHIKA YOSHIDA Omotesando is the flagship store of Yoshida & Co. Ltd.

Visit: KURA CHIKA YOSHIDA Omotesando

5 Chome-6-8 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo


The Hosono brand was established around 100 years ago and originally made sturdy waterproof canopies for raincoats and pulled rickshaws. Today, they offer a large variety of bags with simple designs that go well with the current fashion trends, while still making bags out of sturdy and waterproof canvas cloth. The brand puts a lot of effort into the actual sewing to ensure that it lasts for decades. They make tote bags, rucksacks, briefcases, shoulder bags, and more.

Their workshop is close to the store in Nihonbashi, and customers are invited to take a look. But they also have a shop in Tokyo.


4-23-4 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo


Master-piece is popular with youngsters that care about the latest fashion trends. It has been in the carry game since 1994, and they know how to play it well. The brand believes that fashionable aesthetics shouldn’t come at the expense of functionality. So, they create a balance of good looks and good design, bringing the customers products with considered details, practical design, and a distinct aesthetic style. They have a focus on the “Made in Japan” label, giving a perfect finish that is delicately Japanese.

The company creates their bags by hand in its Osaka workshop, showcasing the skills of their Japanese artisans to the world.

Visit: MSPC Product Shinjuku

2-3F, LUMINE 2-338-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


Genten believes that humans are a part of nature, so they make fashion that does not compromise the environment. They understand that natural resources are limited, so they create high-quality goods that can be used for a long time. They focus mainly on natural leather bags, but they also sell small products like card cases and wallets. They also offer clothes and shoes.

All their branches have workshops, so you can easily ask for repair or customer orders.

Visit: Genten Ichigaya Main Branch

2-1 Ichigaya Honmura-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo