What Is A Purse Extender and When Would You Need To Use One

Handbags and purses have always played a significant role in shaping fashion dynamics. Women don’t just carry them to put their things inside, it’s a signal of a personal style and a unique form of self-expression. Most of the purses come with a detachable extender. A purse extender is a strap or chain that can be bought with purses. They are made of different materials including, leather, metal, and many more. These extenders come in different price ranges and are useful for women in daily life. Here are some of the conditions or occasions, when you’d need to use a purse extender.

1. Free Your Hands

Free Your Hands

Whenever you attend a gathering or an event, and you are just tired of carrying the purse along with you, that’s when a nice purse extender comes in handy. You can easily attach a detachable extender with your purse, and let go of that burden. Your hands are free, and you also become free to meet different acquaintances and enjoy the moment. It is also possible that you need to carry some other stuff in your hand, and well, both hands can’t be working at the same time. In such circumstances, it’s always best to make use of a purse extender.

2. Look Trendy 

Look Trendy

There are many versatile and chic purse extenders available in the market. They are no longer, just a need, but a fashion accessory. For example, you can always manage to look your best trendy self with metallic golden purse extenders. They not only support your purse but also your whole outlook. You can use a long purse extender for a sophisticated look, and a chic one for a trendy or formal look. You can use the purse extender, to make your purse a nice cross-body bag, and the day is yours.

3. Compliment The Dress

Compliment The Dress

Purses can significantly add to your overall aesthetic. The same is the case with their extenders. Some of the dresses do not go well with the wallets or purses, but adding an extender complements them elegantly. For example, a cross-body purse with a nice metallic chain extender and flowery gown will make the people stop and stare. A decent purse together with a nice extender can act as a significant entrée to glamorous and modern fashion. You can style a peony pink leather purse extender with a charcoal gray suit and the impact is chic with a touch wit.

4. Busy Day

Busy Day

You can’t party every day. There are days when we don’t even have time to sit for a while and breathe. No one would want to carry a huge purse on such days, and create an extra mess and bother endlessly. In such situations, it’s always best to carry an extender with you and use it to get rid of the heavy purse. You can use a long strap and carry the purse on your shoulders, or use a short chain and just lift it through your arm. Once your hands are free, you can manage the tasks easily or more efficiently.

5. Heavy Accessories 

Heavy Accessories

Well, not every purse is the safe house of lipsticks. There are days when you need to carry more than usual items in your purse. You can use the large handbags for such purposes, but if you’re getting short on them, make use of a purse. If the accessories inside the purse are heavy enough to bother you or irritate your hands, it’s recommended to use an extender instead. Using a top-notch extender with fine material will set you free from the burden, and it won’t feel that heavy anymore.

6. Magnify The Purse’s Aesthetic 

Magnify The Purse's Aesthetic

Keeping your overall outfit balanced with the purse is most important when it comes to experimenting with different colors. A purse can be balanced with a flashy, chic, or casual leather extender. Sometimes, an extender can magnify the aesthetic of a purse, and it stands out even more, and in an elegant manner. You can always style different bead extenders, chain straps, and causal extenders to give your purse a whole new overlook. Mix and match your favorite purse with different extenders and rock the day.

7. No Precious Belongings

No Precious Belongings

There can be many reasons when a person would feel the need of using a purse extender. One of them is having no precious or worthy belongings. Most of the time, women carry purses or wallets in their hands because of valuable items inside, i.e. debit cards, cell phones, and cash, etc. However, if you’re going to a party or a casual family dinner, and there is no valuable item inside your bag, take out an extender, and convert your purse into a shoulder bag.

8. Live In The Moment 

Live In The Moment

Since the start, women have been doing everything, except living in the moment. There is no hard and fast rule to follow to use a purse extender. Sometimes, the reasons can be as simple as wanting to have fun. We all know that carrying a purse by hand requires a certain body posture and women have to act a certain way to carry it elegantly and not lose hold of it. Sometimes, you just want to make the most out of the present and don’t want anything holding you back, that’s when a purse extender comes in handy. You can use it to make sure that the purse is safe, and you won’t be bothered by it anymore.

9. Outdoor Activity

Outdoor Activity

Most of the outdoor activities include informal gatherings, like family dinners, school reunions, or meetups with the old office colleagues. Such occasions are often encountered with a casual and laid-back vibe, and carrying a purse with hand in such circumstances doesn’t favor women in any way. So if you’re going to have an outdoor fun party, or just want to take a stroll as a work break, you’d want to not carry a huge purse in your hand, but prefer a convertible bag with an extender.

10. Complimentary extenders

Complimentary extenders

Just like complementary clutches and purses, advanced handbag markets also offer complimentary extenders with different kinds of purses. We know that handbags complement our outfit and personality, and so does the fine quality extenders. If you have a flashy purse with a decorative beaded extender, you can always style it with a casual dress, such as frocks or gowns. Nonetheless, the purses that come with complementary extenders are designed in such a way that they don’t look good on their own, so it’s better to style them with the extender and conquer the day.

Extender and a Purse – Slays Together

A high-quality purse with a decent extender is like best friends who stay together and slay together. A purse can carry your personality on its own, but sometimes, using an extender gives an outstanding look and complement your outfit. In all aspects of life, women have always been in a hurry and burdened with an extra load of things, and extenders are there to reduce that load in so many stylish ways. I’d say not diamonds, but a decent extender is the best friend of today’s woman. So, style that extender with your favorite purse, and dominate the world of fashion.