How Do You Know Your Purse Or Handbag Is Authentic?

A handbag or a purse is the unique outward statement of a woman’s status. Many women love to invest in authentic designer bags to look more fashion savvy and stylish. A handbag or purse is something that should be bought after proper research because you will be using it frequently. The cost of designer bags is rising every year, so it is important to invest in something worth it.

The advantage of getting a designer bag is its high quality and durability. It is better to invest in an authentic bag rather than investing again and again in fake bags. Unfortunately, there are many fake designer bags been sold in the market with the name and tag of the original brand.  Luckily experts have sorted out some identifiable characteristics of an authentic bag and a fake one.

On the other hand, women who have been using designer bags for many years can easily spot a fake bag. The standouts in a fake bag can easily distinguish between a designer bag. still, for the new user, here are some useful tips to know either your handbag is authentic or not.

1. Give attention to every detail

Give attention to every detail

Before you get your hands on the bag, give attention to every minor detail of it. Closely see the stitching, you can easily spot that it either is hand stitched or machine stitched. See if there is any thread that is torn apart. Sloppy, slanted, and uneven stitching is the red flag. Authentic bags will always have top-notch quality; its threads are equally distributed on the whole bag.

Designer bags always have the same thread color which is exactly the same as the base color of the leather. Apart from the threads, the stitching is of high quality because it can cost the reputation of the designer.

Make sure you check the stitching and other details on the inside of the bag too. Some fake sellers try to hide the act in the liner lining of the bag.

2. Closely watch the leather

Closely watch the leather

Closely inspect the quality of the leather bag and the lining. Designers use real leather for the manufacturing of their bags. The quality of the leather can be felt only by touching it with your hands. You can even smell the leather bag, it should smell like leather. Authentic leather bags are firm and heavy. It will stand straight when you place it on a flat surface.

Whereas the fake ones have a very poor quality of leather used in the bags. A very light and clumsy bad is probably the fake one. The inner lining of the designer bag is of very soft material and the same color thread it used all over the bag. but if you look into a fake bag the lining is so cheap, shinny, and poorly stitched.

3. Check the clasps, buttons, and zippers

Check the clasps, buttons, and zippers

Pay special attention to small things like metal clasps, zipper pulls, plates, buttons and locks. The quality of each and everything should be perfect. Check if the zipper is rusted, also the special logo stamped on the bag for authenticity.

Spend a little extra time at the store to cross-check all the smallest details. Never hesitate to ask as many questions as you want from the salesperson, because it will be worth it.

4. Check the brand tag

Check the brand tag

Sometimes we are so lost in checking the details that we miss checking the brand name closely. Fake bags do also print brand names but in different fonts which can be easily spotted. Sometimes they try to confuse you by changing the spelling so that they won’t get into any trouble later.

Do some research beforehand for the specific branded bag you are going to invest in. Authentic bags have the same brand tag on all of their products. If the spelling and fonts of the brand names seem unusual to you, put the bag and trust your guts.

5. Match the serial number

Match the serial number

The serial number is the most important sign of the authenticity of a branded purse. Authentic bags have labels with serial numbers which is sealed and attached in a specific way. This label can not be easily torn apart without getting ripped.

Fake bags on the other hand usually have sticker labels that can be easily caught by naked eyes.

6. Look at the packaging 

Look at the packaging

Always remember that the designer bag has the best quality of packaging. The material used for it is of supreme texture. Authentic bags are packed especially without damaging the leather and the quality can not be compared whatsoever.

All the additional accessories are packed in the package and they never ask for extra payment for them.

7. Research the distinct characteristics

Research the distinct characteristics

Always, always do proper research of the specific brand and the purse you have your eye on. Every authentic bag has its own distinct characteristics.

For example, a Parada bag always uses perfectly matched colours for lining and thread for exterior and interior design. Dior always use a unique bright red line on the bag with the logo.

8. Compare the bag with the picture on the official website 

Compare the bag with the picture on the official website

Before you do the payment, don’t forget to match the bag with the picture of it on the official website. Check the details and specifications thoroughly. Match the serial number and look for the brand logo.

If you have already bought the bag and suspect that is not authentic, you can bring it to the original store and compare it physically. However, the store will not be responsible if the bag is bought online from any other website other than the official one.

9. Try to buy from the original brand outlet

Try to buy from the original brand outlet

Its better to buy the designer bag from its own outlet. These luxury department stores never sell defective or fake items because it’s the matter of their reputation. The sales staff is well informed and knowledgeable. You should ask as many questions before buying the bag because these bags are expensive but lasts long.

You can also ask in your friends circle about the store and buy the handbag from there. Trust a friend who is found of designer bags, she can locate you to a good store from where you can buy a branded bag. Ask them if they got any warranty card along with the purchase .

Be Wise and spend right 

Spending on a designer bag could be heavy on pockets. Whether you are saving for a long time or you are addicted to branded bags, it’s important to make wise and correct decisions. Do what best suits you and your pocket. Never compare yourself with someone who frequently buys branded bags.

Don’t rush and purchase a fake handbag from anywhere, be patient and try to buy an authentic bag from its official outlet only. If you don’t have an official outlet for the desired brand, you can always ask a trusted friend to bring it from another country. With patience and proper research, the right bag for you will come to you at the right time.