What Is a Purse Hanger?


Purses these days have become a crucial accessory in a women’s life. They perform various functions for them, as holding personal belongings, for instance, mobile, wallet, makeup, laptop, sometimes diaper and extra clothes if they are mothers. Secondly, purses add an essence of style and uniqueness the exposes the identity and choice of women.

Purses being a major component, need care and proper handling in order to increase their durability and cleanliness. You might come across places where you would need to place your bag on the floor, or some moist grass, or some weird surfaces, that might affect the material of your purse.

These situations lead the creatives to a unique idea of purse hangers. You might wonder “what is a purse hanger?” But you don’t need to wonder, here in this article we have provided you with every basic info you might be needing for purse hangers.

What is a Purse Hanger?

What is a Purse Hanger

A purse hanger is none other than a kind of hook that can be stuck to a table, slab, sink, workstations, or anything like that. A purse hanger is made to secure your purses by hanging them on them.

They have been utilized since the 1920s. But they weren’t popular until people watched a strangely hyped-up Netflix series, named “Get Organized with the home Edit.” Queen Elizabeth II in her era was spotted numerous times using a purse hanger to avoid placing her purse on the floor.

In old times purse hangers were referred to as purse caddies and royal ladies or ladies belonging to upper classes used them.

Benefits of A Purse Hanger:

Benefits of A Purse Hanger

We are people of the social era, and agree or not, every one of us urges to go out and socialize at some point. Along with that, we are the people who love working in order to pursue our dreams.

Related to the situations we all might have experienced the cringe of placing our precious purses on the unclean floors, eateries, or tables. That is a real bummer because these surfaces might contain microbes and many more microorganisms that might affect the purse. Let us look for the benefits it can provide:

  • Purse hangers solve the distress of placing your purses on the floor.
  • It saves the purse from being taken away by thieves.
  • It provides you the mental comfort of your things not being misplaced.
  • It helps you stay organized.
  • It helps you save up space, as on tables.
  • They can also be used to hang other things like umbrellas, shopping bags, charging cables, etc.
  • You might keep your clothes safe from crumbling by not placing your purse in your lap.

What is the Hype About?

What is the Hype About

Hangers for purses have recently become very popular, for their sleek designs, and trendy uses. And the trend has always made people go crazy over them. The main reason for the hype is that many reports of microorganisms shifting to the surfaces of handbags have come out on various social sites, which can cause so many diseases to you.

And when the health of people is concerned, they take every measure to protect it. As a result, purse hangers came into the highlighting trends.

It has now become an accessory for many social and working women out there. It serves with the most important aspect that is it makes a very fashionable accessory along with the extreme level of mental peace of your things not being misplaced. Also, it is essential in decluttering your mind with the thoughts of catching a disease via bacteria on the floor.

Features you should consider before buying:

Before making a decision to buy a purse hanger you should always keep the size of your bag in mind. Needs differ with people. Gather all your needs, the weight of all your belongings, the width of your bag strap, etc. Here you get the idea of what features to consider depending upon your needs, that you might think you should prefer over the other.

1. Width of your working table:

The width of every table varies, therefore select the appropriate clip for your purse hanger. The “Classical” version has a broader space and can fit through many tables.

2. Style of the Hanger:

A purse hanger may be as basic or as elaborate as you desire. The ideal design is entirely determined by own choice. Purse hangers allow you to define yourself.

3. Weight Holding Capacity:

A purse hanger typically weighs from 2 to 4 oz. It’s something to think about if you have a large purse and would like to make the purse hanger lightweight and easy to use.

Types of Purse Hangers:

Initially, there are two types of purse hangers:

  • Individual Hangers
  • Multiple Purse Hanger

The names mentioned above 100% depict the purpose of the hangers. Individual hangers are used for the temporary holding of your bad be it in the office, bar, restaurant, etc. Whereas Multiple Purse Hanger is used for holding various bags at the same time, you may place them in your closet.

Where to Buy Purse Hangers from?

Since its emergence, the Purse hanger has advanced into many shapes, designs, and sizes. The traditional purse hanger is available with a range of playful or beautiful toppers that are fastened to metallic hooks in gold and silver.

Prices for these items range between $5 to $25, based on how elaborate the creation is.

Numerous stores sell purse hangers, which come with artistically designed grippers such as gemstones and azure. The costs can vary.

Bags that are suitable for the hangers:

You must know some factors about your purse hanger, before hanging your purse on it, so that you can utilize it to the fullest. On Average, a purse hanger can handle one bag weighing up to 5 kilograms.

Most, laptop bags, baby bags, tote bags, backpacks are suitable for such hangers.

You can simply hang bags of all kinds on your workstations, kitchen slabs, with the support of such handy hangers. These hooks are unique in that they are non-slippery, which ensures that the strap of your purse will maintain its shape.


A plethora of purse hangers is out there in the market. Variety ranges in sizes, weight capacity, styles, colors, types, etc. You have to identify your need and select to experience the most comfortable action. Prices may vary depending upon the major factors like quality and material.

Also, if you are looking for a budget-friendly purse hanger do not hesitate to search amazon. They are available online and in stores.

I hope you liked the information provided about the purse hangers. And if you did, so instead of being a jumbled mess at the table, your bags can now seem like dangling art. Declutter the mess and go for the most suitable purse hanger.