What Is A Clutch and When Should You Use One versus A Purse

For centuries, women have always been passionate about fashion and style. Because of the women that shaped fashion in the past, today’s woman can express herself freely through fashion. Among many of the fashion items endorsed by today’s women, ‘clutches’ are on the top. It is a women’s accessory that is specifically designed to hold necessary items that don’t occupy much of space, i.e. a driver’s license, a credit card, a comb, and a cellphone, etc. They are designed to be carried by hand. Unlike a purse, clutches are strapless bags or have a detachable chain that you can use if needed. They are available in many different styles and have been used by women since the Babylonian era. Below are some of the conditions, when you should clutch instead of a purse.

1. Formal Gatherings

Formal Gatherings

When preparing for formal gatherings, like an official meeting, a purse can be a quite hassle to carry around. In such situations, the clutch is an easy and safe option. Unlike a purse, a clutch won’t be hanging from your shoulders and give an overall messy look. While carrying a metallic clutch with a button-down and denim jeans, you’d look highly professional and classy. When you feel like you’ve to meet a lot of people, you can also use its detachable chain, to free your hands of any items.

2. Fewer Belongings

Fewer Belongings

Whenever you have a day event to attend and don’t want to carry a load of extra items, and just want to make peace with the basic necessary items, a clutch is a perfect choice. In case you’re planning to meet your friend for a coffee, or planning a day out with colleagues, and don’t want to burden yourself with unimportant things, you can always opt for a nice casual clutch to go with the day.

3. Look Trendy

Look Trendy

Clutches never go out of style. If you’re a fashion enthusiast and want to look super trendy in every gathering or party, clutches should be one of your go-to items. Be it an oversized versatile clutch, or a petite one with minimal colors, you can always pick one and look your best trendy self. Additionally, you can always match a costume and makeup with your favorite clutch, or modify your overall look following the design of your clutch. To have a better insight into new trends in clutches, you can always search for different online handbag blogs.

4. Complementary Clutches

Complementary Clutches

Everything that comes free, tastes and looks great. Just like many other everyday items, some shopkeepers offer complementary clutches along with dresses. In such circumstances, it’s always better to go for a matching clutch rather than a purse that seems out of place. Contrasts are classy, but mismatches are not. A complementary clutch wallet can increase the glam quotient of every costume style, including your traditional, formal, and casual dresses. You can always match an embellished clutch with a casual outfit, or a box clutch bag with a two-piece suit, and the day’s yours.

5. Small Amount Of Cash

Small Amount Of Cash

In case, you’re going somewhere and won’t be needing a large amount of cash to carry it in a purse, a clutch is always a nice alternative. Suppose it’s a hectic day at work, and you want to have a cup of coffee at a cafe down the street, you wouldn’t want to carry a huge purse hanging down your shoulders. In that case, you can always use an elegant and minute-sized clutch to carry the money and go on with your day. They are compact yet efficient, and you won’t have any threat of losing money. 

6. Want To Move Around

Want To Move Around

If you’re going for a family gathering or a school reunion that needs you to move around a lot, a purse won’t come in handy. In such circumstances, it’s better to style your outfit with a trendy minaudiere clutch. They are handy, compact, and require minimal or no effort at all. You can move around without worrying about important items, like cards, keys, and cell phones. You can put it all in a clutch and have fun times, without worrying about the bothersome straps of a purse.

7. Minimalistic Approach

Minimalistic Approach

Minimalistic fashion is known for its versatility and easygoing vibe. If you’re are a fan of minimalism and do not want to carry a heavy purse, we suggest you buy a clutch instead. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and different types of fabric. Even if you’re not a minimalist, but are going to a gathering that doesn’t require over-the-top dressing, you can always style your clutch with the costume. Simple clutches can be suitable for casual outings.

8. Give Your Shoulders A Break

Give Your Shoulders A Break

Well, sometimes, you’re not in the mood to carry around a bulky purse and put an unnecessary burden on your neck and shoulders. It’s also not necessary to endure the bothersome pain of pockets for carrying a few notes either. In such situations, it’s always a better option to opt for a clutch and set the shoulders free. When you simply want to have a nice time and not go over the board with the accessories, match your sneakers with the clutch and you’re good to go.

9. Overly Crowded Gatherings

Overly Crowded Gatherings

Whenever you’re preparing to attend overcrowded gatherings, it’s always safe to carry a clutch instead of a purse. Most of us must’ve heard of the incidents where someone from our circle got mugged in crowded places or gatherings. Most of the time, it’s a woman and her long strapped purse. Even if you’re holding onto your purse, it’s highly likable that you forget about it during the event. Therefore, it’s best to carry a clutch. It’d be in your hands all the time, and you’d be aware of its presence. 

10. They Have A Revolutionary History

They Have A Revolutionary History

Centuries ago, clutches weren’t related to a women’s wardrobe. They became an essential part of women’s fashion because of the modernization after the Second World War. Clutches speak about women stepping out and moving in the right direction of progress, and establishing a separate space for them in this patriarchal world. These handbags reduce the burden of not only a woman’s shoulders but also the orthodox rituals pulling her down from ancient times. A classy and stylish clutch talks about the liberty and freedom of women.

Clutch On With Your Favorite Outfits

There are no specific rules that are laid down in the fashion book, but if you like to stay trendy and look your best, choose your clutches wisely. Of course, you can always go for a purse rather than a clutch, but it won’t come in handy in this fast-paced world. No one has the time to handle long strapped purses and carry them around. Clutches are available in thousands of colors and designs in online and offline markets. Experiment with fancy and professional clutches, the ground is all yours! Choose a clutch that complements your outfit the best, and conquer the world of fashion gracefully.